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30 Jahre, Frau, Bisexuell
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Daringly desiring in tangled sheets

My eyes conveyed my joy and excitement when I saw his blue eyes and wild smile.

The atmosphere was set in a very special way. He was sitting there in the chair, looking at me coming close.

Our bodies came together like magnets, and there was nothing we could do but kiss intensely,

His lips collided with mine. Everything was happening so fast that my thoughts were no longer so clear, I could only feel!

I kissed him back everywhere.

I wanted him to know how I felt. I wanted him to know, how he could feel the depth of emotion behind my movements.

He looks down to remove my underwear, a smile playing with his lips.

The second the clasp of my bra came loose, it stirred my appetite, in slight amazement I tilted my head up to look into his eyes again. All so exciting.

I don't understand how he is so talented. He speaks every language in my body, knowing what to do to make me gasp and moan in his ears.

I surrendered to the feeling of pleasure, it didn't take long for him to get me to the right mood.

There is just something about his strong hands.

When he grips me with passion, I feel so safe and wanted.

It's pure ecstasy.

My thoughts was... Taste me until

You can't hold on any longer, Let your hands explore.

He rolls his tongue between my sensitive nerves and it makes me inhale deeply.

The sensation of sweetness is caressing is invasive. This is a feeling I'll never want to give up.

My mouth moves to his neck and he gasps, breathing in the scent of his skin, I absorbed the taste of him and I ran my hands down his chest, kissing my way to his torso line.

Well it all ended with me beneath him, receiving a shower of hot thesaurus while his moans of pleasure filled the moment... I smiled and looked up at him and at that moment, I found myself waiting for more.

Nothing specific, nothing I could write down on a wish list.

Just more of the things that surrounded us in that room.

So much more happened at that moment, but I really want to describe how amazing he tested me, and all the sensations surrounding that spectacular encounter...

This are the moments we are searching for, and sometimes we find the right partner and enjoy the pictures and feelings we can add to our virtual memory book

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