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I would like to discuss, or make you all think, why 95% of men have such hard time with taking care of themselves, their health and especially sex health. What do I mean?

Well, I meet people from dating sites and sites similar to KM since a while and is incredible how men get either pissed or bothered whenever I mention the words GET TESTED or GET CLEAN.

People, requiring a person you NEVER MET and HAVE NO IDEA about their past and especially sex life, is a matter of self care , self respect and also show how much I also care about your health and life. 

It does not mean I have anything or something, by the contrary, even before knowing KM sites I was the kind of person that get tested for sexual diseases and other infections on a regular basis no matter how much sex and regarlgess of the gender i have sex with.

This is something that people should be teaching on schools but especially for men. Girls have this kind of talk since early age, but I know men in their late 30 and 40 that NEVER EVER got tested for anything.

Some married men that go to escorts and cheat their wife DARE to say they don't need to get tested cuz their only partner is their wife.

Can you believe in this kind of nonsense? I mean, some men really play this dumb role or they just do this to annoy us?

It get me on my nerves whenever I ask the bare minimum and I have to listen things like:

"omg you get tested ? do you have a disease? "

no, dumbass, i don't have CUZ I GET TESTED regularly, regarless of how active my sex life is.

And if it helps, for me and for most of woman not only on this site but also tinders of life,

it is a BIG TURN ON men who take care of themselves, get tested, are clean and hygienic ( shaving is not a must for me, but take care of your hair downstairs is )

yes, is true. We all love men that care about themselves but also care about us.

Is not cuz is a ONS or a one time meeting that you can just don't give a fuck

a lot of diseases are silent, no symptom for months and some you can't even see it. You need blood and other types of exams.

Is not a shame doing such check up. It shows us you care and this makes us want you even more.

just a tip <3 

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