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A little tip for booking an escort!

  • Gepostet am 26.08.2018 12:45

Something I seem to have encountered a lot recently whilst fielding enquiries, is a tendency for potential clients to be extremely vague about what they are looking for in an experience. In Australia we call it 'beating around the bush'. Ambiguous communication.

Gentlemen, please just let me and my colleagues know what it is that you're looking for! Be direct, be upfront. There is no need to resort to euphemism- this isn't a Tinder date. There's nothing sexier than clear communication, in my book.

I promise you we won't find it impolite. You don't need to hint at what it is that you want. I promise you, someone has almost definitely requested it from us before! If the particular escort who you wish doesn't offer the service that you want: kein problem! Somebody else probably does, and you will find her. You will probably find her quicker if you are upfront about what kind of services you like.

The perfect way to write an enquiry:

"Hello Dana, my name is Jim! I live in Alt-Treptow and am looking for an appointment at my home on the 13th of August at 5pm. I would like to experience: girlfriendsex, mutual oral, and strap on play on me. Do you offer these and are you available then? Thanks! xx"

Or if you're not sure if you want to book an appointment yet:

"Hello Dana! I'm looking for an experience with strap-on play, mutual oral, and spanking. Do you offer these?

Many of my enquiries are formatted in this way and it is fantastic! Unfortunately, many messages are not at all.

Just thought I would write a little blog to make your experience booking an escort (and hopefully mine also) more successful and less longwinded.

Dana xoxo


Massel Kunde Salzbergen

Massel (Salzbergen) 26.08.2018 17:00

Clear and direct requests are effective for both sides. "Beating around the bush" has a counterpart saying in German: "Um den heißen Brei herumreden". Many man do tgat when in comes to ask a beautiful woman for paid sex. They believe that it could be received as an insult.

Buschmann Kunde Berlin

Buschmann (Berlin) 26.08.2018 21:26

Not many of the gents here would be able to say on the phone:

Hey I want to flick my tongue over the tip of your clit, I'd like to run my fingers up the inside of your thigs, I love pubic hair if there is any and I'm fond of your bum as seen on your last photo.
I'm showing off now because even if I can write this fluently I wouldn't be able to discuss this over the phone.

You chose an extraordinary summer to come to berlin so welcome again and have a good time.

Mattin11 (Wuppertal) 26.08.2018 22:35

Well, Dana, I like a well filled "service" section on the profile of a lady, not like yours.
So I don't have to ask what she's offering, I can check that out before. I use the message function to describe myself and what my prefered varieties are, so that she knows how to please me. If I would love something you don't offer, I wouldn't contact you and I wouldn't discuss it with you.

missdana Escort Berlin

missdana (Berlin) 27.08.2018 10:16

@neo 2.0 - it's okay if you don't speak English! Even Google translate communication is fine, just be clear and direct in your writings in German, and it should come out mostly okay through the translator!

Buschmann: I arrange my appointments via text or WhatsApp, not via phonecall. I prefer to have things in writing so that I can refer to the message before the appointment.

Mattin11: yes, I agree with you. I do have my services listed on my profile, so not really sure what you mean about 'not like yours'. I do still however, ask the client about what their preferred services/desires are before a session. People are turned off and turned on by different things, I want to make sure that the session is catered to the client's fantasies.

Mattin11 (Wuppertal) 27.08.2018 14:41

Well, there is the "Service" section in your profile where you can check the things you offer. You don't need to write it down in the "Beschreibung". The problem is, if I use the special search on this page and select GF6 and kissing then you won't pop up because you haven't selected it under the "Service" section. Just listing them in your "Beschreibung" is not supported for the detailed search.

missdana Escort Berlin

missdana (Berlin) 27.08.2018 14:44

Mattin11: ah! Thankyou. I did not realise.

Mattin11 (Wuppertal) 27.08.2018 18:17

You're welcome, Dana.

Herr_Lichkeit (Berlin) 27.08.2018 20:13

@Neo: If your english is not the yellow from the egg, feel free to speak german. Meinetwegen auch Angelsächsisch. Anglo-saxon language. Übrigens verstehen Deutsche Altenglisch und Mittelenglisch oft besser als die Briten.

Him þá ellenróf andswarode
wlanc Wedera léod word æfter spræc
heard under helme: Wé synt Higeláces
béodgenéatas, Béowulf is mín nama.

Massel Kunde Salzbergen

Massel (Salzbergen) 27.08.2018 20:36

Beowulf --- ich wusste doch, dass er dahinter steckt!

Jolande Escort Berlin

Jolande (Berlin) 28.08.2018 17:30

Hahaha, ich lach mir einen Ast @Herr_Lichkeits "not the yellow from the egg"
--> "My dear mister singing club!"

orianalovexo (Essen) 29.08.2018 18:12

Every man should read this hahaha

Herr_Lichkeit (Berlin) 30.08.2018 09:46

You can say you to me. Tipping is not a city in china.
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by the court. With these rights in mind, are you still willing to talk with me about the charges against you?

Radames (Ulm) 31.08.2018 19:47

"Zwei Brezeln und ein Plunderstück" - when I'm at the bakery I would choose from the the goods offered there.

In contrast to the bakery situation I've never regarded women I met through KM as providers of services. Being in a giver-taker situation would have felt uncomfortable to me and I never would have made the bodacious experiences I have made.

I'm not shopping in a catalog, I pay money for the time a woman agrees to spend with me to have a wonderful time. Seems like I have unconsciously chosen women who see it the same way with all my dates I arranged so far through KM.

Hirnimperatorius (Berlin) 08.10.2018 23:58

Hmmmm i do unterstand your Point, but please take into consideration, that some men dont like to limit themselves to this or that Play, especially if The lady offers a broad spectrum. I Personallly like that moment when i meet Her The first moment. What phantsies appear in my mind? Also i Might Order a table in a fancy Restaurant one day in advance but i will order when i am confronted with set&setting...
I know you aimed to encourage men to speak out and also to make your preparations easier. This is understandable. But please you and The Otter female Readers try to understand my view.
F.,,, auto correction...sorry...Need to turn it off now