As part of the Kaufmich community, we know you've been waiting for changes for quite some time now. And the waiting is finally over. With the launch of Kaufmich 2.0, we aim to meet your needs even better.


The new Kaufmich has finally arrived!!

For many months, we've been gathering tonnes of info, testing, retesting and making decisions to elevate Kaufmich to the next level. With the latest release, we've become international with an English version and diverse as we open our doors to male escorts. We updated the site with a modern, clean design, included a smart notification system, and developed a smartphone and tablet mobile version. We've improved the search and contact filters and many other features, and the plus version is now also available for businesses that come with distinct advantages.

Our mission is to establish a fair exchange for everyone involved in the sex industry and help sex workers stay safe and healthy. We want sex work to be an accepted profession in society and that anyone can freely decide to work within it without being outcast or judged.

The idea for Kaufmich came from the Dreyer brothers as they discussed misinterepations and non-transparency in the sex worker industry. Julius Dreyer, General Manager and founder, said: "We wanted to get rid of the intermediaries and free sex workers from dependency and bring them to independence. We think it's important to bring transparency into the market, so all parties know what they are getting in terms of availability, business and also the importance of knowing that nothing is forced or faked." As an online platform, we've considered many challenges, such as what's going on offline. In general, violence against women and sex workers has increased, and we fight against this by empowering users to receive the necessary info and support. We believe that by providing the right features for client screening upfront, providing educational information in our magazine, and verifying users' authenticity, we can make our online home a safer place.


Sex Worker Projects that Champion Change

What makes Kaufmich unique is creating social change for sex workers of all niches and walks of life. We strive to provide a fair, open and efficient exchange platform, empower users, and change social issues from within the industry.

We've initiated several worthy projects to support sex workers in getting the relevant information from their peers and us. Take a look.

Forced prostitution. On we give vital advice and guidance on the topic of forced prostitution. With answers to questions such as: What is forced prostitution, how do I recognize it? And how can I get out of it?

Big Sister. Big Sister is a peer-to-peer consultation and exchange project where we support those considering the sex worker industry. Additionally, we provide extensive support for those wishing to exit sex work. Guidance comes directly from the sex worker industry - from experts and real-life experiences.

Academy for Escort Dating (coming soon!) Professionalization is the cornerstone of successful, healthy and safe sex work! Information, knowledge and education are the basis for this. The sex worker academy aims to provide a digital learning experience to offer cross-border and barrier-free access for sex workers. The academy will also educate clients about the challenges of sex workers and make it easier for them to contact.


What About Our New panther Logo?!

We're sure that many of you have noticed the brand new logo. Our goal here was to focus less on gender and to represent our community better. The panther is a rare, powerful animal, and we associate it with you, our community, in that it's strong and ready to fight for its rights. The Kaufmich community is just as unique, beautiful and powerful for us, too..


Your Kaufmich team xoxo 



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